Our Values

Our Manifesto

We deserve self-love. 

We deserve to prioritize ourselves, 

And break free of generational curses. 

We deserve to affirm, laugh, cry, scream, love

 Or drink agua de cilantro after spending a day in the sun. 

And we deserve to look in the mirror and say, “te quiero mucho” until we start to believe it. 

We deserve community. 

We deserve to surround ourselves with people who are rooting for us 

And excited to watch us flourish. 

We deserve to lead by example 

And show future generations the power and importance of amor and comunidad. 

We deserve to embrace and celebrate our cultura. 

We deserve to use the remedios and rituals of our ancestors to heal our minds, our bodies and our souls. 

We deserve to reclaim the knowledge of our antepasados 

And prove them right after years of ridicule and colonization. 

We deserve so much. 




Healing–that is made with us in mind. 

Healing that gives poder back to our ancestors who knew the secret to wellness all along. 

Healing that empowers and closes wounds that are more than skin-deep. 

Healing that is rooted in ritual and backed by science. 

Healing con amor. 

We deserve healing by Almadé.